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2005 Summer Series

Saturday, September 3, 2005
Precita Park — Folsom Street & Precita Avenue
MC: B. Ruby Rich, Bernal Neighbor, Film Critic

The Fall of Harry Potter (TRT:1:35)
Seafood/The Crazy Lego Monkey (TRT:2:08)
10-year-old Bernal Heights filmmaker, Noah Gavrich’s personal
take on Harry Potter in a stop-animated short and a second
animated short with friends about a “funny looking” character.

The Bubbleman
Mission-district filmmaker, Karil Daniels showcases the
and unique soap bubble-artistry of Sterling Johnson. (TRT:5:00)

Bernal Town
Bernal artist Gregory Gavin’s neighborhood fable of an evil
developer who wants to make money by corrupting the area’s
old-fashioned virtues. (TRT:30:00)

Alonzo King Goes to Venice
Long-time Bernal resident, Alonzo King, co-founder and artistic
director of the world reknown Lines Ballet, leads his modern dance
troupe to the 2004 Venice Biennale. (TRT:30:00)

Race Is the Place
Independent producers Rick Tejada-Flores and Ray Telles explore
the issue of race through the work of local performers including:
Amirii Baraka, Danny Hoch, Culture Clash, Michael Franti,
Andy Bumatai, and Ahmed Ahmed. (TRT:56:00)
A special preview of the national PBS broadcast in November 2005.

Saturday, September 10, 2005
Bernal Playground — Moultrie Street and Jarboe Avenue
MC: Ian Williams, Bernal Neighbor, Comedian and Teacher

Duck Drama: Low Res, High Drama
Anna Kuperberg, local photographer captures a humorous encounter
between a dog and some ducks at McLaren Park. (TRT:4:00)

The Jar
A murder mystery, shot and edited by Mary Beaven, Bernal
to help her niece/director) fulfill her 8th grade class project. (TRT: 6:17)

The Little Pianist
A documentary of a frog marionette and its puppeteer on the streets
of Barcelona by Silvia Turchin. (TRT:6:30)

Centers of Creativity
Bernal documentary artist, Audrey Ray Daniel’s camera celebrates
the work and vision of the center’s founders and artists. (TRT:14:12)

Zoom In: Why Violence
Students (ages 9 to 15) at Bayview Hunter’s Point Center for Arts
and Technology (BAYCAT) explore daily violence in their
young lives. (TRT:28:00)

Garden of Friendship
Precita Eyes muralists collaborate with students, parents, teachers,
neighbors and other artists to create a monumental mural in
St. Petersburg, Russia (TRT:26:00)

Prom Night
Local filmmaker Stephanie Miller and co-producer Ilsa Bertolini
chronicle the events and preparations for the 10th Annual Bar Area
Gay Prom. (TRT:30:00)

Quilts in Women’s Lives
Bernal filmmaker Pat Ferrero’s memorable portraits of quilt makers
who reveal the passion and values behind this continuing tradition.

Saturday, September 17, 2005
St. Mary's Park - Murray Avenue and Justin Drive
MC: Ian Williams, Bernal Neighbor, Stand up Comedian

A short performance art film about isolation in urban life written,
produced and directed by Bernal resident, Marque Cornblatt.

Great Highway
Precita neighbor Mark Gunson presents an excerpt from his full
length documentary that explores the history of San Francisco’s
beach and surfing culture from the 1940’s to the present. (TRT:6:00)

Luba: The Mother Teresa of Art
Andover Street filmmaker, Elizabeth Stephens’ portrait of an artist
in upstate New York whose daily artwork is born of past suffering
and life changes. (TRT:13:10)

Sound of a Voice
Bernal filmmaker, Susan Hoffman, director, presents the screen-
adapted one-act play by David Henry Hwang of an encounter
between a samurai and a witch. (TRT:17:30)

Outside In Sight
Local filmmakers, Sharon Woods, producer, and Emiko Omori.
cinematographer, portray a San Francisco jazz quartet that grew out
of the Bay Area’s multicultural and politically engaged '70’s. (TRT:28:00)

One Wedding & A Revolution
Academy Award winning producer, Debra Chasnoff and co-producer,
Kate Stilley document the first government-sanctioned wedding of
a gay/lesbian couple in San Francisco. (TRT:18:00)

Girl Trouble
An intimate portrait of three girls traversing San Francisco’s juvenile
delinquency system. Bernal filmmaker, Lidia Szajko shares
Producer/Director/Cinematographer credits. (TRT:57:00)
Preview of national PBS broadcast in 2006.


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