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Little Red Hen
The Little Red Hen




Aoede's Fairy Tale Love
Aoede's "Fairy Tale Love"


Artist & the Angel stillArtist & the Angel


Spread the Word
Spread the Word to End the Word


People Live Here
People Live Here


Like Water
Like Water








Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema™

Sunday 9/01           6:30–9:30 pm
Under the Stars at Precita Park:
Season Finale

Folsom Street at Precita Avenue

Music & Flms; After Party at Hillside Supper Club
Dress for cold weather; bring blankets, low-back chairs and picnics.

6:30 pm Live music

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7:45 – 9:30 pm Screening

The Little Red Hen (3 mins)
Mark West, Barbara Bayne
Classic children's folktale: diminutive poultry demonstrates self-reliance in spite of resistance of lazy roommates.

Escargot (2 mins)           
Raymundo Archila, Jaison Cabebe
Song by ØSØ
In this music video, a snail finds that he is the main course for dinner — and makes a break for it. A production of The Factory, BAVC.

Aoede's "Fairy Tale Love" (4 mins)
Lisa Sniderman
One part Disney, two parts fractured fairy tale. What one girl would do for her happily ever-after from award-winning pop, musical stories and children's artist, Aoede.

Dance Your Heart Out (3 mins)     Shana Jimenez
Mission High School student Shana Jimenez talks about her passion to dance and her determination to follow her dream despite what some might consider are obstacles in her path. Mission HIgh School Media Program

The Artist & the Angel (9 mins) Paul Anthony Mazzio
An aging artist gets a surprise visit from a dark and mysterious stranger. Starring renowned San Francisco artist Richard L. Perri.

Spread the Word to End the Word (4 mins)
Samudra Randazzo, Jaqueline Webb
The term "mental retardation" went from a clinical description to a word of derision, and the word "retarded" is offensive and derogatory. Students, teachers and parents involved with Lowell High School's Best Buddies club describe the insensitive and hurtful nature of the r-word, and ask people to pledge to stop using it, as a starting point toward creating more accepting attitudes and communities for everyone.

People Live Here (22 mins)           Susannah Smith
After years of community pressure and coalition building, city departments have joined together to start a historic ”livable streets” retrofit of Cesar Chavez, a busy San Francisco thoroughfare. Will this newest change help the area’s residents or is greening the new method for displacement? PEOPLE LIVE HERE looks at 70+ years of the street’s history in an attempt to answer these questions.

Damn Dishes (2 mins)                   Blue Aerial Bergen
A girlfriends's creative solution to live-in boyfriend's bad housekeeping

Like Water (1 min)
Cecilia Sweet-Coll
, the 2012 Mauricio Vela Youth Film Scholarship winner, interprets a quote by Bruce Lee, "Be water, my friend" incorporating different animation techniques including, claymation, hand-drawn, paint-on-glass, and pastel.

Checkmate (4 mins)                      Lily Yu
Visualizaiton of spoken word piece that explores a student's struggle in deciding whether to drop out of or stay in school. A production of The Factory, BAVC.

San Francisco: Past and Present (12 mins)
Thad Kellum, Patrick Jerome Forte, James Ryan Celis, Cecilia Hui, H
Chase Livingston

5 very diverse inter-generational personal stories from theLGBT community. This film offers a glimpse of LGBT history that spans several generations. it depicts an evolution in the local SF community and illustrates the differences and similarities of experiences. TILT production

S.O.S. (10 mins)                             Carolyn Eidson
A community chorus of San Franciscans affected by homelessness.

Wade Krause: Pinball Artist (16 mins)
Anna Newman

From his crowded workshop in a rural California rodeo town, artist Wade Krause designs and creates everything pinball. Unwilling to let pinball die at the had of video games, he recycles and restores vintage pinball machines and collaborates with pop artists to make unique art games.

Last Call at Naps (10 mins)           
Kari Orvik, Vero Majano

Long-time local watering hole and Karaoke bar, Naps 3 on Mission Street has closed its doors. A document of the bar's last days, Nap's loyal patrons pay tribute to the community that developed over his decades of owning bars in the Mission. 


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Opening Night
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Film Crawl on Cortland
| Saturday, 8/31 A Look Back

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