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Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema™
2011 season

Friday 9/2 — 5:00–10:00 pm
Film Crawl on Cortland Avenue
Bennington to Anderson Streets
Music, Lounge, Films & After Party

7:00, 8:00 & 9:00pm Films
Simultaneous screenings of programs in seven
(7) locations


Progressive Grounds — 400 Cortland

Paper Words                               Joyce Lee (27 mins)
Five-year-old Mei spends much of her time at school afraid, and in the corner of her classroom; she won't talk, won't play and never looks at the teacher. Mei's mother devises a means to help Mei become "one of
the kids."

The World of John Ford        Sharon Wood (22 mins)
A look at the work of this award-winning and revered Hollywood director through film clips and interviews with present day directors.


Four Star Video — 402 Cortland

Wake Up                          Tomas Wischerath (4 mins)
In this music video, three individuals get the "wake up call," freeing themselves from distractions, media, and following the crowd to begin living free and in the moment.

The Avant Cellist
          Charlyn Villegas and Jon Paul Anderson (6 mins)
Portrait of cellist, Zoe Keating and her work incorporating a foot pedal-controlled laptop.

Draje                                  Michael Solidum (6 mins)
A woman must make a difficult moral choice after she is presented with an opportunity to avenge her son's wrongful death.

Who Is Paco Gomes?      Skye Christensen (25 mins)
Paco Gomes fuses western modern dance with his deeply entrenched Afro-Brazilian roots to create multi-cultural, multi-faceted dance. The film follows Paco's San Francisco-based dance company to Bahia, Brazil, Paco's homeland.


Kingmond Young Studio — 416 Cortland
CineMas logo Co-presentation with SF Latino Film Festival

Ebony Goddess: Queen of Ilê Aiyê
                                    Carolina Moraes-Liu (20 mins)
For Aurelia, Joseane and Talita, the competition for the title of "Ebony Goddess," carnival queen of Ilê Aiyê, an AFro-Brazilian group, is part of a profound and personal search for identity and self-esteem.

El Gis                                  Jesus Contreras (6 mins)

La Bicicleta Vieja            Claudia A. Escobar (9 mins)
Don Rafa, the owner of Don Rafa's Cyclery on 16th street, started selling and fixing bicycles when living in Mexico. Today he continues his work in his own shop in San Francisco.


Bernal Yoga — 461 Cortland
Fun program for kids of all ages
**Screenings at 8:00 & 9:00 pm ONLY*

Baby on Bus                              Amber Yada (1 min) A public service announcement on behalf of all parents and babies who take the bus, go to the library, or use any square inch of public space.

Grandpa                               Sabrina Wong (11 mins)
Following her grandfather with a camera, the filmmaker learns about his daily life and her family as he shares stories with her for the first time. (English and Cantonese with English subtitles)

4 Mini Pinschers                 Anna Kuperberg (3 mins)
Filmmaker's cousin Hanka takes her 4 mini pinschers for their daily walk in Malmo, Sweden

Wheels                        Ousman “Moose” Sow (4 mins)
A documentary exploring bmx bike culture and its affect on sponsored teen bmx rider, Eric Bell.

Wahid’s Mobile Book Store
  Anjoo Khosla (10 mins)
Wahid, a 9-year old mobile bookseller in Mumbai, India, weaves in and around the cars selling international best sellers to patrons sitting in their air-conditioned cars. It’s a dangerous “paper route," but it provides his family of six with the extra income they need to survive in their one-room slum.

Footed Pants                             Amber Yada (1 min)
Homage to the greatest item in baby gear. If you watch carefully, you'll see a tip of the hat to the original Chloe's Closet!

Talking About It            Isaac Haney-Owens (5 mins)
A window into the life of a young man with Aspergers Syndrome

Imagine That
                        Ripley Barnes (3 mins)
A young man discovers something mysterious in the closet, but before he can determine what it is, his wierd sister throws it away.

Canta y Aprende:
Lunes y Martes
                         Susan Peña (2 mins)
Sing along in Spanish and English with the Peña Family. One of a collection of 12 favorite Mexican and American folk songs animated and illustrated with watercolors, pastels and plasticine.


Bernal Branch Library — 500 Cortland
**Screenings at 7:00 & 8:00 pm ONLY**

Filmmaker Q & A

America’s Most Unwanted Shani Heckman (23 mins)
A journey into the world of foster youth, queer foster youth. Through stories told by recently emancipated youth and adults who were emancipated 20 years earlier, we learn that the system of care has not improved and the film serves as a call for action.

Healing Words, Poetry & The
Art of Medicine
  James Cavenaugh (15 mins)
Stories of patients whose lives and recoveries from surgery and illness have been dramatically and positively changed by poetry therapy.


Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center
515 Cortland

Full Circle             Carrie and Yasha Aginsky (28 mins)
In the last months of her life, Carrie Aginsky's mother came to live with Carrie and her husband Yasha. Two years after her mother died, Carrie relates her journey coming to terms with her feelings about her mother's life and death.

Art Inside Out                    Patricia Warren (12 mins)
A visit to the art program at the California School for the Blind, where blind and visually impaired students create beautiful and often surprising works of art. These students express themselves in ways that are direct, unfiltered, and lively as they create artworks "from the inside out."

Bernal Dreams                 Tomas Wischerath (3 mins)
On top of Bernal Hill, Rosenburg Diaz performs Capoeira drawing inspiration from the cityscape below him.


Inclusions Gallery — 627 Cortland

Une Ville de l’Avenir (A City of the Future)
                                                  Chip Lord (12 mins)
UNE VILLE DE L'AVENIER uses the lens of Jean-Luc Godard's ALPLHAVILLE to look at the city of the future that we live in today. The modernism of 21st century La Défense in Paris is the setting in which Lord updates Godard's vision of the future shot in then, 1965, present-day Paris. Using a bare-bones version of ALPHAVILLE the second act is wrapped in quintessential present-day activities of air travel and exercising on a treadmill.

Getting Closer                               Zooey Yi (4 mins)
Dreamily traversing space during her daily commute, a young woman reflects on the world around her and her place in it.

Rabbit Hole                           Zev Gustafson (4 mins)
A young woman floats through the routine of daily life, until one day she meets a young man who, for a moment, changes all of that.

Dreaming to Wake            Michael Solidum (15 mins)
A man who can't seem to cope with the grief of his lost wife resorts to living life through other people's experiences only to discovery that his own idealized memories of his wife were not as he remembered.

Fifteen Hundred Short   Samantha De Surra (8 mins)
Two recent high school graduates' financial aid has fallen through leaving them $1,500 short of their college tuition. In a desperate attempt to get out of their small town and make something of themselves, they decide to commit a heist on a local diner. Before things can go right, everything goes wrong.

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