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Larry Adelman
Producer/Director/Co-Director/Founder of California Newsreel
Executive producer: RACE—THE POWER OF AN ILLUSION (2003)
Producer: THE ROAD TO BRONW (1990)
Producer/Director: THE BUSINESS OF AMERICA...(1984)
Producer/Director: CONTROLLING INTEREST (1978)


Yasha AginskyYasha Aginsky
Producer/Director/ Writer/Cameraman/Editor/ Teacher
His work was twice nominated for Oscars: FOREVER ACTIVISTS (Judith Montell) and LAS MADRES DE LA PLAZA DE MAYO (Susana Muñoz and Lourdes Portillo). Some of the other notable feature documentaries Yasha edited include: THE VANISHING LINE (Maren Monsen);  EL DORADO (Frank Green); WAYFINDERS (Gail Evenari); WE LOVE YOU LIKE A ROCK (Ashley James); HAWAII: PARADISE IN PERIL (Sharon Austin); RENAISSANCE: THE DISSENTER (Bill Jersey); THE ROAD TO BROWN (William Elwood); WESTWARD TO CHINA (James Culp); CARVED IN SILENCE (Felicia Lowe); COWBOY POETS (Kim Stanley) THE HERO S JOURNEY: THE WORLD OF JOSEPH CAMPBELL (William Free); OUTSIDER (Betsy Bayha) and GRANNY D GOES TO WASHINGTON (Alidra Solday).

Bay Area Center for Arts and Technology (BAYCAT)
BAYCAT produces "Zoom In," a half hour series that airs on Access SF, channel 29. Students, ages 9–15, develop the concept, shoot the video, conduct the interviews, create the animation and compile the music for each of the segments. By participating in classes taught by working filmmakers titled “Art of Animation,” “My TV,” and “First Movie/First Audio,” students with no previous experience with film or video produced the insightful Why Violence?

M.Bevan'Mary Beaven
Graduated from the Academy of Art in 1990 with a degree in Photography. Interestingly, video production is where she ended up. She has worked for the City of Fairfield for over 10 years where she shoots and edits video productions. Mary is proud to be a Native Northern Californian, and happy to call her beloved Bernal Heights home.

Eric Bergman
Producer/Director/Video-Editor/Cameraman /Carpenter/Bartender/businessman/student-of-the-world. Garden of Friendship. After receiving an M.A. from SF State, Eric took a hiatus from the video production field to save a little money for travel and other explorations. He hopes to combine his passion for travel and learning with documentary work and is seeking other media artists to collaborate on a documentary about the art of the Burning Man Festival.

Larry Betts
Shoe Biz, Narrative, 16mm 25 min.
Breckenridge, Haifa, Bronze City, Los Angeles Film Fest, Edinburgh International, Manheim, Amiens, Worldfest Houston, Malta, Suffolk County, Joey Awards, Wine Country Film Festival

Caroline BlairCaroline Blair
Caroline Blair is a Bay Area filmmaker and teacher. Her two narrative short films, Urban Steal (1990) and The Day I Shot President Kennedy (1995) appeared in over 30 film festivals nationally and internationally and earned 8 awards. Caroline freelances as a screenwriter and script consultant in San Francisco. She currently teaches filmmaking at City College of
San Francisco.

Carlos Bolado
Bajo California (1999)
Like Water for Chocolate

Virginia Bowen
Mixed Media Pictorial Artist
Producer/Director: Two of a Kind (2002)
Also works in video, photography and printmaking.

Brian Burroughs
Producer/Director: Suckerfish; Urbana; "Aquamorpheus"
Filmmaker and freelance photographer; producer of short experimental films

D.ChasnoffDebra Chasnoff

Academy Award®-winning documentary filmmaker
Senior producer at Women's Educational Media Co-creator of The Respect for All Project Director/producer: One Wedding and a Revolution (2004); Let's Get Real (2003); That's a Family! (2000); It's Elementary—Talking About Gay Issues in School (1996); Deadly Deception—General Electric, Nuclear Weapons & Our Environment (1991); Homes & Hands—Community Land Trusts in Action (1998; co-director); Wired for What? (1999); Choosing Children (1984)

Janet Cole
Executive Producer
Promises: Regret to Inform; Freedom Machines; Paragraph 145
Cole has specialized in the strategic distribution and production of social issue films for over 20 years and is a frequent consultant and advisor to filmmakers, media arts groups and foundations.

Sophia Erini Constantinou
Director of Photography
Life History of a Star( 1998); Help Come
Free Me; Desi's Looking for a New Girl

Shelley ContrerasShelley Cook-Contreras
Shelley Cook-Contreras is a gifted camerawoman and an internationally exhibited interdisciplinary artist, producing films, performances and installation artworks. About her work she states, “I approach documentary filmmaking as cultural activism. The form and content of my personal artwork evolves from collaborative interaction with community...I think of these works as ‘activators,’ providing the spark of seeing to the flame of questioning our culture and society.”

M.CornblattMarque Cornblatt
Performance Artist/
Producer/Director: Bubble: Isolation and Redemption in the Urban Ocean.
Marque Cornblatt has a diploma in theater technology from the Baltimore School of the Arts ad a BFA in film from NYU. He has written, produced, directed and perfomed in several short films and is currently developing a cell phone feature. Cornblatt’s robots and sculptures have been exhibited at the SFMoMa, San Jose Museum of Art and at galleries throughout the US. Most recently, he has been gaining popularity as Waterboy, the scuba-diving oracle of the annual Burning Man Fesitval in Nevada.

John Cremer
Quality custom programs produced, written and directed. Solid experience, since 1985, in Docs, VNR’s, Spots, Marketing Videos and Safety Training. Clients include healthcare, educational institutions, financial institutions, hospitality industry, PR and marketing agencies.

Audrey DanielAudrey Ray Daniel
Audrey began shooting videos of art in L.A. in 1984, inspired to become an art dealer (pre internet) to market art via videotapes. Realizing that videos of art were not as interesting as documenting the artists and their creative process she changed her tact. Her first video followed a group of Italian Artists from the “Arte Povera,” brought to L.A. by the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art. Working closely with Rachel Rosenthal, widely recognized as the mother of performance art, Audrey began documenting the performance art scene. In the 90s, Audrey dedicated herself to producing fine art & commercial photography. In 1998 she sold her Hasselblad, bought a new video camera and has since produced “Centers of Creativity,” “Kurt Stoeckel Artist,” “Paul Dahlquist Photographer,” “Owls of Bernal Hill” and “Rumi Tsuda: A Colony of One.” Audrey lives in Bernal. www.araystudio.com

K.DanielsKaril Daniels
Point of View Productions Writer/Producer/Director/
Voices of Dissent: Activism & American Democracy; Water Baby: Experiences of Water Birth; Well & Strong: A True Story; Wake Up!: The Hazards of Radioactive Waste Dumping; Making a Difference: An Appeal to Congressional Leaders to Save Our Rainforests. Special interest in programs about health and wellness, ecology and the environment, sustainable business and social responsibility, peace, anti-nuclear issues, international topics, social justice, the arts, empowerment, and subjects of special importance to women.

Nara DenningNara Denning
Independent Filmmaker: Experimental Live Action & Animation.
Nara approaches motion picture with a measured direction, which aims to paint each frame as a freestanding work of art. She constructs her own sets and costumes and infuses her signature on every aspect of her work, which results in an uncompromised, original vision. Nara began as a visual artist and became intimate with the use of symbols in her work. She treats motion picture in the same way, regarding each shot as a fully realized moving painting.

Doug Dunderdale
Sound Recordist
The Rise and fall of Jim Crow
Kist Bits if /sybdab (2003)
Xtreme: Sports to Die For
Cowboy Poets (1988)
Assistant Camera: Crumb (1994)

Andrew Linda & Angela Gamburg
Seasoned producer of corporate, broadcast, and independent programs. Creative concepts, camerawork, and editing, or full script-to-screen service, including CD-Rom and DVD authoring and video compression for the Web. Over 20 years of international experience.

Kevin Epps
Documentary Filmmaker
The Black Rock
Rap Dreams
Straight Outta Hunters Point

Vic FedererVic Ferrer
Producer, SAN FRANCISCO EXPOSITION ORGAN. Vic Ferrer is a San Francisco based corporate communications and documentary producer. He is currently producing a documentary about America's historic pipe organs and why they should be considered works-of-art worthy of preservation.

P.FerreroPat Ferrero
Pat Ferrero is an independent filmmaker whose work as a producer/director includes Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World, Hearts & Hands and Quilts in Women's Lives. These films have won numerous awards, have been screened nationally on cable and PBS, and have been exhibited at national festivals including Sundance, New York Film Festival, National Educational Film and Video Festival, the Hawaii and San Francisco International Film Festivals, as well as international festivals in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Ferrero also teaches film production in the Cinema Department at San Francisco State University.

Jeanne C. Finley
Writer, Director,Editor/Professor of Media Studies at the California College of Arts and Crafts
Language Lessons (2002); The Trial of Harmony and Invention, (2000); The Adventures of Blacky, (1999); O Night Without Objects, (1998)

Vicky Funari
Producer/Director: Paulina (1998), SKIN-ES-THE-SI-A
Co-director/Editor: LIVE NUDE GIRLS UNITE!
Work focuses on the lives of women and workers and explores questions of cultural and gender identity

Gregory Gavin
Public Artist/Filmmaker
Writer/Director/Camera: Bernaltown (1997) Public art¹s goal is to make art accessible to all people as well as to engage them. Gregory Gavin¹s projects particularly involve the participation of young people. In TimeWarp (1999-2000), students imagined and created objects, images and stories from the year 3000. Riverscapes, created in collaboration with both children and adults, have earned numerous grants and awards including the Potrero Nuevo Prize and a California Arts Council Fellowship. In addition, Greg is an instructor at California College of Arts.

Jose Garrotte
BFA San Francisco Art Institute
Photographer/Editor for KDTV 14 Univision
Jose has been involved in videos and films projects in the Bay Area, also short stories for TV/News.
Currently writing his first feature film.

Mark Gunson
Producer/Director: Great Highway : Journey to the Soul of Bay Area Surfing (2006) — Documentary on the history of surfing from San Francisco’s Ocean Beach to Maverick's. Producer/Director: The NorCal Project (2005) - Surf movie shot in Pacifica, Santa Barbara, Indonesia and more. Producer: Zero Tolerance (1990) - Documentary about George Bush's war on drugs and the erosion of personal rights.

jessi harrison
Jessi Harrison

Jessi is a writer, producer, director, performer, etc for film – she likes
to wear many hats. She is the owner of Jus Guerrilla Films. She has also
been a producer for Video Games for many years, and now works in both film and games. She has recently finished a music video for local musician/author, Frank Portman of the band, Mr. T Experience. Her current short film project is also close to wrapping and next she is looking to dive back into games, and to producing another short film.

Marc Henrich
Director& Editor: The Threshold (1996); The Visit (1998); Into The Wind (in> progress)
Co-director/Editor: Unsettled (1994);
A Bay Area filmmaker, freelance video editor and teacher. Marc is currently directing his first feature film.

Harriet Anderson Heinrich
Writer, Director: Hardwood
Actress: Malevolence
Actor/Producer: Gate of Souls
Producer: The back up
Co-founder of Lightning 2SOH Films. Active member Young Performer Theatre

Francisco Hernandez
BR. No. 51-91 (2004)

Brook Hinton
Film and Video Maker/Audio Artist
Familiar (1998/2002); Hack (1999); Flow (2001); 7 Silent Sketches (2001); Wave/Wake (2002); Momentum (2003); Transit (2004); Slow Force Glimpse (2004)

S.HoffmanSusan Hoffman
Writer/Producer/Director: Sound of a Voice (2003)
Producer/Director: Seeing and Hearing Ourselves (2004)


Tim Holland
Sound Editor
Supervising Sound Editor: The Emperor’s Club (2002); The Ring (2002); The Mexican (2001); Monkeybone (2001); Liberty Heights (1999),
Sound Effects Editor: Gardens of Stone (1987); The Godfather Part III (1990); Tucker: the Man & His Dream (1988)

Pat Jackson
Sound Editor
Supervising Sound Editor: K-19: The Widowmaker (2002); Autumn in New York (2000)
Sound Editor: The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)
Associate Editor, Supervising Sound Editor: The English Patient (1996)

Albert KabaAlbert Kaba
Albert Kaba has lived in San Francisco and the Bay Area since 1980 and currently resides in the Silver Terrace neighborhood of the Bayview district. After retiring from the world of high-ed publishing two years ago, he decided to take up his first love, making films, and has created over 80 short videos since then. Albert is a student in cinema studies at San Francisco City College and does freelance work for his videography company, KabaVideo Cinematography.

Bucky Knaebel
Bucky Knaebel is a graduate of the San Francisco School for Digital Filmmaking where he cultivated his interest in screenwriting and directing. As a Bernal Heights resident, he enjoys filming around the neighborhood and hopes to continue to do so for many years. In addition, he almost watched 365 movies in one year and wishes there was a school for ninjas.

Sasha Beatrice Kobow
Experimental Filmmaker
Orpheus & Eurydice (2004); Feodora (2004); The Taming of the Night (2003; selected by and produced in collaboration with Wim Wenders at 53rd Berlinale Talent Campus); The Promise (2002); Yume No Ato — What is Left of the Dream (2002; MFA Thesis, Columbia University); Origami — How you Fall in Love (2002); Against Sadness — Vergiss Mein Nicht (2001; recipient numerous awards for director and screenplay); Rapunzel Goes to the Movies (2001); Sonett 24 (2001)


Eric Koziol
Director; Founding member of H-Gun labs. Serves as
Artistic Director, Animator and editor. Has conceptualized and photographed over 70 music videos

Chris Lawson
Visual Artist
Feedback 1 & 2

ViVi Letsou
Skeleton Woman (2000)
Hidden in Plain Sight

Chip Lord
Chip Lord is a media artist who works with video and photography. As a member of Ant Farm [1968-1978] he produced the video art classics Media Burn  and The Eternal Frame as well as the Cadillac  Ranch sculpture in Amarillo, Texas. His film work straddles documentary and experimental genres, often mixing the two, and has been shown widely at film and video festivals and in Museums. He is a Professor in the Film and Digital Media Department at U.C. Santa Cruz, and he lives in Noe Valley.

Dean MermelDean Mermel
Dean Mermell is an editor/writer/director who lives in Bernal Heights. His website is: www.storyfarm.com

Leo Miller
Band member
Animosity —music video (2002)

Cornelius Moore

Distributor, California Newsreel

E.OmoriEmiko Omori
Camera Operator
a Kalahari Family, Part III: Real Water (2002); A Kalahari Family, Part II: End of the Road (2002); Rebels with a Cause (2000); Coming to Light: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indians (2000); Regret to Inform (1998); The Women Outside (1996); Hard Act to Follow (1990); Rabbit in the Moon (1999)

Melissa Peabody
Worked as co-producer and editor of numerous award-wining documentaries, including a 3-part video series on workplace heath issues and several concerning the environment and wildlife. Her 3-minute fundraising video Bernal Hill — Still Wild at Heart will be screened at BHOC

Howard Petrick
The Case of the Legless Veteran (1980); This is no Grenada (1986); Refugee (1988)

Lourdes Portilljo

Producer/Director: Senorita Extraviada - Missing Young Woman (2001); Cojjrpus: A Home Movie for Selena; Las Madres: The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo; Sometimes My Feet Go Numb; The Devil Never Sleeps
Producer of Independent dramatic films, performance art, videos, and documentaries

Jay RosenblattJay Rosenblatt
Jay Rosenblatt has been making films for over 20 years. He is a recipient of a Guggenheim and a Rockefeller Fellowship. His films have received many awards and have screened throughout the world. A selection of his films had a one-week theatrical run at New York’s Film Forum and throughout the country. Articles about his work have appeared in The New York Times, LA Times, Sight & Sound, Filmmaker and The Independent.

Danielle Renfrew
Producer/Director/CFO of Concentric Media — documentary film company
Producer: Groove (2001)
Assoc. Producer: From the Back alleys to the Supreme Court and Beyond (PBS series)
Producer/Director: Dear Dr. Spencer

B. Ruby Rich
Film Critic/Cultural Commentator/Adjunct Professor of Film, UC Berkeley
Her critical commentary has appeared in the New York Times Arts & Leisure Section, the Nation, the SF Bay Guardian, the Village Voice, Sight And Sound (UK), The Advocate, and other publications. In 1998, Duke University Press published, Chick Flicks: Theories And Memories of the Feminist Film Movement. An active radio and television film commentator as well as curator, speaker, and film festival programmer, she serves on the juries of numerous film festivals around the world and is a member of the Sundance Film Festival's National Advisory Board.

Sam RubinSam Rubin
Sam E. Rubin, 16, has had a passion for motion picture cameras since he could hold one up to his eye. As a child, he was functionally blind in one eye and used the camera on his “good eye” to explore the world. Sam is going into 10th grade and studies filmmaking at SF Art&Film. His films have been in several film festivals, including Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema, Mill Valley Film Festival, SFLGBT Film Festival, Tower of Youth (Sacramento), and, most recently, in the L.A. Film Festival where his film, “Lipstick,” won the Target Diversity in Color Award. Sam is also a working actor and and singer and has performed in over two dozen films as well as on stage, including the San Francisco Opera Conservatory for Teens.

Ken Shelf
Narrative Feature Film - Humans Being (2003)
Staged Productions Insatiable Salivation (1993) Safe Death (1993) Caffeine (1993) Santa In Lights (1993) Henry's Gun (1993) Paying Your Dues (1994) The Satan Clause (1994) thesantavirus (1995) Dumb Yourself Down (1996) Ho Ho Holy Shit (1996) Also drummer for The Dont's

Greta Snider
Experimental/Documentary Filmmaker
The Magic of Radio (2001); Urine Man (2000); Quarry Movie (1999); FLIGHT (1997) ; Portland (1996); NOZONE (1993); Our Gay Brothers (1993); Mute (1991); Blood Story (1990); Futility (1989); Hard Core Home Movie (1989)

Valerie Soe,
Art and Film Critic
Experimental/Documentary Film/Videomaker
Founding member, X-Factor, an experimental film and videomaker coalition
Producer/Director: Carefully Taught (2002); Beyond Asiaphilia (1997); Mixed Blood (1992)
Co-Producer/Director: Each One Teach One: The Alvarado School Art Program (2002)

Dr. Annie Sprinkle
Porn Actress turned Post-Porn Film Producer/Director and Sex Educator.
Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (XXX--1982); Linda/Les and Annie--The First Female to Male Transsexual Love Story (1989); Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop (1992); Fire In the Valley--Female Genital Massage (2001); Zen Pussy (2001); Annie Sprinkle's Herstory of Porn (2002); The Art of the Loop (2002); Annie Sprinkle's Amazing World of Orgasm--An experimental documentary (2004)
Started out in the mainstream commercial sex industry in 1973; evolved into a feminist porn activist, making sex films geared towards women. After receiving Ph.D in human sexuality, produced educational, arty, sexually-oriented documentaries.

Sara St. Martin Lynne
Writer/Director, Producer, Assistant Editor
Director/Writer: Rock in a Hard Place (2003)
Assoc. Producer/Asst. Editor: Bernal Hill — Still Wild at Heart (2004)
Script Consultant: Drive Thru

Scott Stark
Filmmaker, Videographer
To Mutable Commute (2003); Chop (2003); Love or To Die (2003); The Tells (2002); More Than Meets the Eye: Remaking Jane Fonda (2001); Angel Beach (2001); SLOW (2001); Posers (2000); in.side.out (1999); NOEMA (1998); Back in the Saddle Again (1997); Archimedes' Screw (1996) ; Under a Blanket of Blue (1996); Acceleration (1993); I'll Walk with God (1994); Unauthorized Access (1993); Denea Bull Run (1993); Imperfect Solutions (11984/1992); Tender Duplicity (1992); Don't Even Think (1992); So Ein Tag (1991)Episiotomy (1990); Protective Coloration (1990); Satrapy (1988) ; W (1988)
Scott's films and videos have shown locally (San Francisco), nationally and internationally, including recent one person shows at New York's Museum of Modern Art and the Pacific Film Archive.

Charles SommerCharles Sommer
Director, Producer
Charles Sommer is a musician and documentary filmmaker living in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. After leaving his native Louisville, Kentucky, 10 years ago, Charles began working in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district with homeless and low-income populations at the St. Anthony Foundation Dining Room.  Victoria is Charles' first film.

E.StephensElizabeth Stephens
Director/Producer: "Luba: The Mother Teresa of Art" 2005. Associate Professor Art and Digital Art/New Media, UC Santa Cruz. Stephens is an Intermedia Artist utilizing installation, photography, performance, web based media and video to explore personal and social relationships. Other films include "Oaxacan Women" 1987, "Women Eating" 1990 and "Do You Mind," 1992. Currently engaged in the Love Art Laboratory, a seven-year collaborative project. www.loveartlab.org

K.StilleyKate Stilley
One Wedding and a...Revolution
With over fifteen years in documentary filmmaking, Kate Stilley has been an integral part in creating award-winning non-fiction films that have influenced audiences worldwide. Her work has been seen on major US media networks (ABC, CBS, PBS, Fox TV, A&E, Nickelodeon and NPR), and has won awards at film festivals nationally and internationally, including the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award in 2001. Stilley is the Lead Editorial Instructor at the New Jewish Filmmaker Project and has taught editing at the Bay Area Video Coalition for five years. She currently sits on BAVC's Producer's Advisory Board and is a co-founder of “Citizen Film,” a documentary collaborative started with partners Sam Ball and Sophie Constantino.

L.SzajkoLidia Szajko
Documentary Filmmaker —Girl Trouble
Chair, Film Department, CCSF


Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
Director: Amerika Ya Ya (1992) The Great Dykes of Holland(1993);
Producer/Writer/Editor: Paulina (1997)
Series Producer: KQED's Independent View (1999-2000)

Marybeth Tereszkiewicz
Visual and Performing Arts Chairperson, ICA High School
Film "runaways" selected for New York Independent International Film Festival

Amy Trachtenberg
Visual Artist
Works across disciplines with theater, public space, writers and as a painter. Teaches art in East Bay schools with VALA (Visual Arts Literary Arts). Has received grants and awards from the California Arts Council, Opera America, San Jose Arts Commission and the SF Arts Commission. She shows her work at Brian Gross Fine Arts and is currently lead artist on a new library in San Jose.

S.TurchinSilvia Turchin
Director/ Writer/Editor
Silvia attended USC, where she majored in Creative Writing and minored in Film. She spent many years in both Poland and Spain, where she studied and worked in film as an editor. She has written and directed one documentary film entitled The Little Pianist. Despite its short running time (6min30sec), she spent well over a year in making it, allowing time to establish a solid connection with the subject. Silvia now resides in Northern California. silviaturchin@gmail.com

MatthangMatt Venuti
Matt Venuti is a magnet for the uncommon and the extraordinary. As the founder and chief architect behind the San Francisco-based musical innovators, The Venusians, he has been a pioneer of wind synthesis, enrapturing audiences with his custom built Electronic Valve Instrument. He’s lately turned his musical focus to exploring the beauty of the PanArt Hang, a rare yet widely touted new acoustic instrument and one of the most captivating and versatile of all time. Matt lives in San Francisco where he performs and creates music for commercial release and film in his studio, Venus Central Productions. He's lately enjoyed making his own music videos that can be viewed on Vimeo and Youtube. More info on Matt at www.venusians.com

Samantha Grant Wiesler
Sound Engineer
Producer/Director/Writer: Church of Craft (in production)
Sound/Camera: Geldersma (2002); Mission Movie (2003); The Insular Empire
(release in 2005); Jumping for Joy (release in 2005)

Sharon Wood

Documentary filmmaker
Co-Producer: Freedom Machines
Writer: And Then One Night: The Making of Dead Man Walking
Co-producer/Writer: KPFA On the Air
Writer: Paragraph 175
Producer: Outside in Sight: The Music of United Front
Producer: Kheturni Bayo: North Indian Farm Women
Wood has been nominated three times for Oscars for her writing: Tell the Truth and Run: George Seldes and the American Press; Straight from the Heart, and Super Chief: The Life and Legacy of Earl Warren as well as the Peabody and Columbia-Dupont award-winning The Celluloid Closet, and Isamu Noguchi:
Stones and Paper, an "American Masters" Special for PBS. Sharon is currently producing historical documentaries for Lucasfilm

D.ZacharinDavid Zacharin
Editor: Centers of Creativity with Elias Katz, PhD
An award-winning editor, David has been working with film since the mid 1960's for KPIX and CBS Evening News. In the 1970's, he went freelance first working in film and then later with videotape. David has been using non-linear editing systems for the past 11 years. His experience includes long format and short format programming for broadcast (Network, PBS, MTV) and non-broadcast (corporate, consumer) and theatrical projects. David has recently moved to Bernal Heights from Marin County.

Terry Zwigoff
Director, Writer, Producer
Art School Confidential (2004- pre-production)
Producer/Director: Crumb (1994); Louie Bluie (1986)
Director/Writer: Ghost World (2000)
Director: Bad Santa (2003)
Writer: Art School Confidential
Producer: Zwugiff

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