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Brush with the TenderloinBRUSH WITH THE TENDERLOIN


Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema™
2012 season

Friday 8/31 — 7:00–10:00 pm
Film Crawl on Cortland Avenue
Bennington to Folsom Streets
Films & After Party

7:00, 8:00 & 9:00pm Films
Simultaneous screenings of programs in seven
(7) locations


Progressive Grounds — 400 Cortland
Different titles screening at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm

7:00 pm Screening

Cultivating Community                                Jasmine Ehrhardt
City Slicker Farms transforms abandoned lots and backyards into urban gardens that provide fresh, organic produce to West Oakland residents.

Creative Growth                                   Matthew Zabb-Parmley
Creative Growth Art Studio in Oakland fosters a safe and positive creative environment for artists with disabilities.

History in These Streets                                           Nick Liem
Three Oakland teenagers revisit the Black Panther movement and its historical significance in the struggle for civil rights.

What Would You Do?                                     Lauren Lindberg
PSA for YMCA - TARC program. This film asks: What would you do with $260,000? - and shows how you can get it. DVD - BAVC

Independence in Sight                                  Lauren Lindberg,                          Julian Compagni-Portis, and Sydney Matterson
Vision-impaired teenagers strive to achieve their independence with the living skills they learn at the Hatlen Center for the Blind.

The List                
             Stephanie Hoang, Marwaun Brooks,                                                                    and Myquan Brooks
This film draws attention to military recruiting practices in low-income high schools and gives teenagers the tools to opt out of the military’s recruiting database.

Come to the table              Zoe Salnave and Stephanie Hoang
A portrait of the Edible Schoolyard cooking and gardening program and its emphasis on the “slow Food Movement," as told by a former participant.

Inspire Yourself           
            Fifer Garbesi, Lauren Lindberg,                                                                 and Raymundo Archila
Dramatic recreation of four stories from teenagers suffering from mental health issues. Made in partnership with Inspire USA and Reachout.org.

8:00 pm Screening

Echoes of Exxon                                            
Lauren Lindberg
An exploration of the similarities between the 2010 B.P. oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska some 20 years earlier. 

            Fifer Garbesi
A portrait of a small village in Ghana as its inhabitants wait for the annual rainy season to transform and nourish their community.

The Portrait  
                                                 Raymundo Archila
A day in the life of a young teenager who is grieving, facing abuse, and trying to make it through high school.

The Painting
                                                         Bonita Tindle
The painter feels mocked and taunted Surrounded by portraits by famous painters, his frustration grows leading to chaos and ending in beauty.
Bucket Man
                                                        Jaison Cabebe
A glimpse into the life and history of the famous San Francisco street musician “Bucket Man”.

They've Seen It All                                                
Fifer Garbesi
A PSA about preserving our National Parks. 

That's All We Know
The Factory
Music by BUMP Records
Produced for a Cinemasports competitive filmmaking competition with youth filmmakers from South Africa, the music video was conceived, filmed and edited in 9 hours.

Dancing Robots     
             Marwaun Brooks, Myquan Brooks,                                                  Bonita Tindle, and Fifer Garbesi
Music by the Postmodern Escape Artist, featuring DoDAT
Produced as part of a Cinemasports filmmaking competition, this video was written, filmed and edited in just 9 hours.

Just Breathe                                        
 Matthew Zabb-Parmley
James, a high school student, tries to navigate his emotions about school, girls and the way his peers treat the environment around them.

9:00 pm Screening

Selects from BAVC's Media Maker Fellows Program


Kingmond Young Photography — 416 Cortland
***Same titles screening at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm

Love Hacking                                        Jenni Nelson (21 mins)
An American robot inventor falls in love over the internet and journeys to Nepal to meet his fiancee for the first time. A cross-cultural whirlwind where a Mormon and Hindu come together.

The Mermaid—A Story of Restoration
                                                            Sean Fitzhoward (5 mins)
Through time-lapse animation, poetry, live action film, and interviews, Protect the Bay Club introduces audiences to the hidden beauty of the San Francisco Bay and the importance of protecting it through restoration.

Gold Violin: Bow of Death                         Mark Pope (9 mins)
Interview of and performances by violinist Joseph Gold, a student of Jascha Heifetz at USC. As a young professional, he came into possession of a violin bow owned by Hungarian Eduard Remenyi (1828-1898), who died violently onstage during a solo concert at San Francisco’s Orpheum Theatre, and, according to Gold’s account, all subsequent owners of Remenyi’s bow met with sudden, violent end.

Art of Activism: Ellen Choy                             Liz Decena and                                                                  Mark Decena (5 mins)
Organizer with Mobilization for Climate Justice West, a grass-roots coalition of Bay Area groups fighting for climate justice through direct action and movement building.

El Bandido y El Gato (The Cat and the Criminal)

                                                                  Enoch Davis (4 mins)
The life of an imprisoned gorilla is changed forever through the efforts of a persistent cat.


The Liberty Café Patio — 410 Cortland
***Same titles screening at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm

The Altered Lives of LaVonne Salleé
                                                            Jazmin Jamias (12 mins)
Barbie never knew what hit her — LaVonne Sallée began her journey from bank VP to full-time artist when she walked into a gallery that was comprised entirely of altered Barbies and her whole world began to shift into this creative world. [Some sexually-explicit images]

Star of Tyche                                         Nara Denning (9 mins)
The Odyssey retold with a slef-made craft, a musical star of fate and a night of wine and dreams in the arms of a dubious siren. In the morning she will have to return to the question of to whom her faith belongs.

At the Bar                      Jason Headley (Four, 2-minute shorts)
At the bar, wisdom is served with a chaser of absurdity. And vice versa. Two men explore the heights and depths of both at the loneliest bar in the world

Border Woman/Mujer Frontera               Adrian Arias (4 mins)
An approach to the female poetic, emphasizing the idea of a Latina woman who crosses the borders of a dream, the border of her sensitivity, her passion for the things of life and the real borders in reality.

Fields of Color                                    Audrey Daniel (14 mins)
86-year-old painter Shirley Gittelson shares life and work in the Pacific northwest. Despite the onset of macular degeneration she continues to paint with verve from the colors of the world around her.


Bernal Branch Library — 500 Cortland
**Screenings at 7:00 & 8:00 pm ONLY**

Works-in-Progress — Audience and filmmaker Q & A
Filmmakers present their films and solicit audience reaction/comments as they continue the editing process

7:00 pm Screening
Green Streets                                            Sophie Constantinou
Young entrepreneurs from the Bernal Dwellings turn trash into cash and accomplish what on one else has managed in a public housing setting: start an eco-friendly waste management service in their neighborhood.

8:00 pm Screening
IIMC: A Pure Drop of Water                               Patricia Warren
A physician returns home to open a clinic to help the impoverished inhabitants of a small village outside of Calcutta, and plants the seeds for social change.


Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center — 515 Cortland
***Same titles screening at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm

We're All Meant to Be Queens/Todas Ibamos a Ser Reinas                                                        Miguel A. Astudillo (25 mins)
This intimate portrait of two transgender women from Mexico living in San Francisco reflect the intersecting experience of migration and self-discovery, revealing the inner struggle in coming to terms with their true identity while building a new community.

Miles Away                                               Ariel Dovas (12 mins) On moving day, a mother and her son unpack their differences and discover a new home together.


Inclusions Gallery — 627 Cortland
***Same titles screening at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm

Inquire Within                                      Jay Rosenblatt (4 mins)
A hypnotic, apocalyptic examination of false choices, double binds, vulnerability and faith.

My Father, a Beautiful Animal     Angela Reza Tures (3 mins)
Based on the poem ""Ad Pondus Ominum/To The Weight of All Things" by another Writer Corps student, the filmmaker presents a portrait of her father.

World Through a Mirror             Tatyana Kulchinskay (2 mins)
An animated character, lost and alone, steps away from her body. Based on the poem "Wake" by WritersCorps student Hong Truong

New Mission                             Armand Emamdjomeh (5 mins) A poetic essay/tribute to the Mission District based on the poem "In Twenty Years" by WritersCorps student Marcella Ortiz

                                                              Peter Kim (2 mins)
WritersCorps student Eric Foster's poem asks young urban men if they are really "free" or "Trapped in a concrete jungle/ Where everybody wants to be a lion."

The Healing Artist
                             Kaela Waldstein (2 mins)
A visual depiction of the energy transferred during an energetic healing session— from the pre-session meditation, to the session itself, to its closing.

Missing You?                                        Andrew Ching (6 mins)
A co-dependent couple discover what it means to them to spend a week apart

Each One Teach One                              Valerie Soe (23 mins)
Founded in 1968, the Alvarado School Art Program has educated thousands of San Francisco public school children, bringing together working artists, parents and community volunteers.


Bernal Yoga — 908 Cortland
***Same titles screening at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm

PLEASE NOTE:To protect the studio floor, no shoes or chairs are allowed. Mats, pillows and bolsters are provided for your comfort while sitting on the floor.

Brush With the Tenderloin                  Paige Bierma (22 mins)
The transformation of one dicey street corner in San Francisco's notorious Tenderloin district as muralist Mona Caron paints a rich visual story about the neighborhood's past, present and potential future.

Poetry Inside Out
                                     Joyce Lee (27 mins)
Bilingual students who have crossed cultural and language barriers in Bay Area schools create imaginative worlds of dragons, space aliens, and love in a unique program based on literary translation.









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