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Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema™
2012 season

Saturday 9/1 — 6:30–9:30 pm
Under the Stars at Precita Park
Folsom Street at Precita Avenue
Music & Films

Spinjas                                                 Randy Catanach (4 min)
Raphael Angeles, a seemingly typical sign spinner working on a corner, gets an unexpected phone call to a attend a meeting which turns out to be a potential life or death situation.

Not Without My Lawyer             Ian Williams Comedy (7 mins)
A 6th grader hires a fellow student to act as her lawyer when a teacher accuses her of cheating. A cautionary tale?

Off-Line                                                      Jeff Jacoby (9 mins)
A stop-motion animated film by Tom Gasek, sound design by Bernal resident, Jeff Jacoby, about a small, but feisty orange capacitor named “IZ” that lives on the circuit board of a microwave oven.

A Sentence Apart    
Theo Rigby and Jason Sussman (12 mins)
Three stories of people coping with a family member in prison, attempting to bridge broken relationships and diligently working to break the generational cycle of incarceration.

Our Lady of Tamale
                         Cecil B. Feeder (21 mins)
An institution in the Mission, in celebration of her 50th birthday, we learn of how important she is to her community through the words of her loyal patrons and friends.

The Shovelman
                                   Benoit Lacasse (3 mins)
This troubadour plays a slide guitar he fashioned from a shovel. Have a listen.

(excerpt)                                 Julie Wyman (21 mins) Cheryl Haworth defies categories: a visual artist and top Olympic weightlifter. We learn about the sport of lifting weights, and the state of being "weighty" —Cheryl weighs 300 lbs.— the material, psychological and social consequences.

Lindy in the Park                                   Sophia Rivera (5 mins)
Free Lessons in Golden Gate Park. No partner required, and no experience required. A San Francisco tradition for the past 16 years. Once a year this tradition hosts a special event called the Lindy Exchange. People come from all over the United States, and around the world to spend a weekend in San Francisco dancing and performing.

Old People Driving                            Shaleece Haas (24 mins) We climb into the passenger seat alongside Milton (age 96) and Herbert (age 99) as they confront a grim milestone: the end of their driving years.


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