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Brush with the TenderloinBRUSH WITH THE TENDERLOIN




Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema™
2011 season

Thursday 9/1 — 6:30–9:30 pm
Block Party on Tiffany Avenue
at 29th Street
in partnership with Mobile Arts Platform

7:30–9:30 pm Films

Ask a Simple Question              Amber Yada (2 mins)
This is an animated response to one of the most ubiquitous questions put to new moms: "What's it like being a mother?" View the existential dilemma from its true root: in the uterus.

Alemany Farm
                           Olivier Bonin (4 mins)
Alemany Farm is a four-acre working farm in the heart of San Francisco. It relies on grants for seeds, equipment, soil and to maintain the educational programs it runs. Every Wednesday from June to November, the farm supplies fresh vegetables and fruits for the residents of the neighboring Alemany Public Housing complex.

Making Jam with Grandma
  Kathy Kensinger (6 mins)
Four generations make jam together from blackberries picked on Bernal Hill and share stories and memories of jam making and berry picking, together.

Remotely Controlling          Zachary Zivuska (4 mins)
A young man has the power to stop time using his TV remote. Will he use this power for good or evil?

Capoeira From Within              Jose Garrotte (7 mins)
A blind Capoerista from Brazil practices this sport using his senses other than sight to follow his opponents.

Made by Hand
                             Witt Monts (8 mins)
Ukelele maker, Mike DaSilva, builds custom instruments in his Berkeley workshop. Mike plays, works and talks about his life.

Brush With the Tenderloin
    Paige Bierma (22 mins)
The transformation of one dicey street corner in San Francisco's notorious Tenderloin district. Muralist Mona Caron paints a rich visual story about the neighborhood's past, present and potential future which elicits attention from a collection of locals who end up playing key roles in the mural's evolution.

Martha & Dee Visit the
5th Dimension
                       Noelle Foster (10 mins)
For all the attention 10-year-old Martha gets from her parents, she might as well be invisible, just like her friend Dee. When the two girls decide to run away from home, they discover some surprising answers to life and the universe.

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