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Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema™
2011 season

Saturday 9/3 — 6:30–9:30 pm
Under the Stars at Precita Park
Folsom Street at Precita Avenue
Meet-the-Fillmmakers, Music & Films

7:30–9:30pm Films

Canta y Aprende:
Elena la Balena
                           Susan Peña (2 mins)
Sing along in Spanish and English with the Peña Family. One of a collection of 12 favorite Mexican and American folk songs animated and illustrated with watercolors, pastels and plasticine

Waterworks      Mark West and Barbara Bayne (5 mins)
Rock your (marine) world! A re-interpretation of recent works by AnimaCrackers, created for Zynga San Francisco’s Facebook game “Fishville”.

Glimpses                            Greta Schoenberg (5 mins)
A solo dance fragmented by light and shadow.

Straightlaced: How Gender’s Got
Us All Tied Up
(excerpts)           Debra Chasnoff (18 mins)
From girls confronting media messages about body image to boys who are sexually active just to prove they aren’t gay, this fascinating array of students opens up with brave and intimate honesty about the toll that deeply held stereotypes and rigid gender policing have on all of our lives.

Jerk Moment                              Kiwi Au-Tise (5 mins)
Three Asian-American teenage boys learn a new street dance.

The Road                                 Owen Thomas (5 mins)
Karma condensed: A group of seemingly random people help Karma along, passing it through many hands.

Fu-De (The Brush)                  Charlie Corriea (6mins)
An artist living in Tokyo draws traditionally-inspired landscapes that ignore the scream of the modern world outside his door. When he makes a mistake, the Artist is dragged into his work and must fight his way out of his own creation. The film was hand drawn and painted with sumi ink and water colors.

Dia de Los Muertos, Bruh!                     
Creative Arts Charter School
7th & 8th grade students                               (11 mins)
Student documentation of CACS' participation in the 2010 Day of the Dead celebration in San Francisco's Mission District.

There Is a Place                        Ariel Dovas (11 mins)
Tish is an 11-year-old girl living in the foster care system of San Francisco's Bay View Hunters Point. When her birth mother suddenly appears in her living room, Tish must choose between her new foster family and her biological mother.

New College Hill Market                Kari Orvik (8 mins)
Victor Qaré, longtime owner of the New College Hill Market on Mission Street, offers store credit as a safety net for seniors and low-income residents living in this neighborhood of steadily rising housing prices. Victor’s 20-something sons mirror his approach to customer service, but they are also interested in evolving the business to keep up with neighborhood change.

Top of the World                      Yarrow Slaps (3 mins)
Music video

The Rose Thief                       Douglas Pierce (8 mins)
An obsessive gardener is furious to discover someone is stealing roses from her garden. When she catches the thief red-handed, a peace offering is made, but it may not be enough to satisfy her poisonous grudge.

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