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Viva Diferida/Life Deferred


Blank CanvasBlank Canvas


Land and SeaBetween Land and Sea


Facing ForeclosureFacing Foreclosure


Inside OutLiving Inside Out


Cab FareThe Cab Fare (Labor of Love)


Radio GamersRadio Gamers




Miles to GoMiles to Go




The Fortune Teller stillThe Fortune Teller


I Am YouI Am You And What I See Is Me




Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema

Friday 8/30           7:00–10:00 pm
Film Crawl on Cortland
Simultaneous screenings of programs in six (6) locations beginning at 7:00 pm

Click on location below for Film Lineup

Progressive Grounds | The Liberty Cafe | Kingmond Young PhotographyBernal Branch Library | Bernal Heights
Neighborhood Center
| Inclusions Gallery


Progressive Grounds     400 Cortland Avenue
CO-PRESENTED WITH Cine+Mas, SF Latino Film Festival
7:00, 8:00 and 9:00pm Screening

Lonche (19 mins)                      Claire Weissbluth
A tale of two taco trucks in California. More than a story about tacos and burritos, it is an intimate look at family, labor, migration, and sacrifice.

Vida Diferida/Life Deferred
(17 mins)   Brenda Avila-Hanna
Spanish/English w/English subtitles
Vanessa, a teenager born in Mexico, has lived in the United States with her family since she was six years old. Once an excelling middle-school student with big dreams of becoming a doctor, Vanessa begins to be haunted by her undocumented status as she reaches high school.


The Liberty Café              410 Cortland Avenue
7:00, 8:00 and 9:00pm Screening

Blank Canvas (3 mins)                Sarah Berkovich
Going through chemotherapy, Kim Thelen struggles to cope with her changing body image in positive and unconventional ways.

A Silent Guardian (6 mins)          Andy Liu
A poetic reflection on Fort Point

Between Land and Sea (9 mins)  Christian Jensen
A couple living in a lighthouse on a tiny island experience a collision of romanticism and reality.

Facing Foreclosure (14 mins)      Julia Reardin
Three citizens facing foreclosure turn to Occupy Bernal for assistance. We see how the threat of losing one's home affects one's family and the community at large.

The Body on Maplewood Lane
(12 mins)     Beau Takahara
Based on a true story. A woman driving at night with her husband on a lonely country lane is traumatized when she spies a naked woman curled up by the side of the road. She finds no hint of a body or foul play when she investigates and the sheriff discovers no trace either. Did she or didn't she see the woman?


Kingmond Young
                        416 Cortland Avenue
7:00, 8:00 and 9:00pm Screening

Hal, The Robot (6 mins)              
Evatt Carrodus, Caleb Hilladakis, Hindoveeh Bullie
Hal, a brand new robot designed in human form, is just trying to fit in and make friends. A TILT production.

Americanized (4 mins)                Abhi Singh
Navneet Singh is a 16-year-old Sikh from a working class family who has been routinely bullied and teased by his peers because of his appearance. His desire is to be accepted, but on his own terms without denying who he is.

Living Inside Out (23 mins)        Erin Persley
Set in the San Francisco Bay Area, Living Inside Out explores the intense challenge of reentering society through the eyes of three formerly incarcerated women.

Lost and Found (12 mins)                   
Tez Anderson, Perry Bradstreet, Michael Johnstone,
Angel Van Stark,
David Cooney
The arrival of a mysterious package leads a disenchanted queer youth to an encounter with the colorful Mrs. Vera who by sharing her past shows him the endless possibilities of his future. A TILT production.


Bernal Branch Library  500 Cortland Avenue
7:00, 8:00 Screening, only
***Different titles screening at 7:00 and 8:00 pm

7:00 pm Screening

The Situation (7 mins)                Hatim Mansori, Greg Lu
Two high school students compete to win the heart of a new exchange student. Mission High School Media Program

The Cab Fare (Labor of Love) (8 mins)
Andrew Ching, Steven Head
A Chinese-American cab driver's unique relationship with an elderly Chinese woman takes them on a journey down memory lane before reaching their destination.

Light and Dark (10 mins)            Veronica Lopez
A glimpse into the life of the filmmaker's nephew as he struggles with mental illness and she strives to understand him.

Radio Gamers (14 mins)              Gretchen Olivero Larson
Gen X'ers Lee and Viv learn of their recently deceased co-worker's musical trivia archive when they hide out in his cubicle in an attempt to avoid group counseling. Lee decides to call into Mutiny Radio to try to win "DJ for the Day." As a result, the two gain a new found look at life.

8:00 pm Screening
— Audience and filmmaker Q & A
Filmmakers present their films and solicit audience reaction/ comments as they continue the editing process.

Jim Mizuki, Almond Farmer (18 mins)       Audrey Daniel
Over a year's time, we follow 89-year-old Almond Farmer, Jim Mizuki on his 40-acre farm in Sanger, CA. As the seasons progress, Jim recounts his life's story — that of a Japanese American, Nissei before and after World War II.


Bernal Heights
Neighborhood Center
      515 Cortland Avenue
7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm Screening

Teacher’s Weave
(6 mins)          
Buffy Almendares, Esteban Noyola, Jaison Cabebe, Jane Huff, Jason Jakaitis, Jazmin Jones, Julia Retzlaff, Michael Fontana, Lily Yu, Owen Smith-Clark, Queen Nefertiti Shabazz, Rachel Lin, Win-Mon Kyi, Yeelen Cohen

An after-school film program gets a crash course in documentary filmmaking when they make a film about their teacher getting her hair done. 

Checkmate (4 mins)                                  
Lily Yu, Jasmine Ehrhardt, Stephanie Hoang
This visual interpretation of a spoken word piece explores the struggle of a student facing the decision to drop out or stay in school.
Choices (3 mins)                                 
Marielle Boland, Elliot Carroll, Takai Ginwright

Two young men take vastly different paths in their preparation for an important exam.
Eggshell (6 mins)                        Jasmine Ehrhardt
Newlyweds Anja and Patrick discover some unexpected tension when they try to choose the paint color for their living room.

Miles to Go (4 mins)                                    
Julia Retzlaff, Jane Huff, Win-Mon Kyi, Buffy Almendares
This PSA demonstrates the progress that still has to be made if America wants to consider itself a leader in gender equality.

Stay the Course
(5 mins)                          
Lily Yu, Jasmine Ehrhardt, Stephanie Hoang
This short documentary was crowd-sourced to high school youth across Oakland, CA with the prompt to speak out about their experiences with the temptations to drop out of school and what keeps them motivated to carry on.

There is No Crisis in American Education (2 mins)
Lily Yu, Jasmine Ehrhardt, Stephanie Hoang

A visual guide through a powerful speech given by Cesar Cruz during a town hall meeting about the Oakland dropout crisis.  Cruz posits that the crippling dropout rates prove that the American system of education is in fact doing what it is designed to do.
Escargot (2 mins)           
Raymundo Archila, Jaison Cabebe
Song by ØSØ
In this music video, a snail finds that he is main course for dinner — and makes a break for it. 

Greater than Color (9 mins)        Zoe Salnave
This short documentary consists of interviews with Bay Area high school students discussing their relationship to race and identity.

Limitations (4 mins)                    Lily Yu
Performed by Moria Moore
Music by ØSØ
A music video set at sites of historical significance in Oakland’s civil rights struggles. Found Footage from Agnes Varda’s documentary “Black Panther". 


Inclusions Gallery          627 Cortland Avenue
7:00, 8:00 and 9:00pm Screening

The Fortune Teller (4 mins)        Paul Anthony Mazzio
Set in the 1920's, this humorous piece is a charming homage to
the silent films of a bygone era. A fortuneteller is puzzled when an attractive woman enters for a reading but does not fit the usual
stereotype of the day. The mystery is finally solved however, but how
will it end? Introducing Paola Cro and Claire Yvonne in their first onscreen appearances.

Message From the Sea (5 mins)   Patricia Warren
A wistful valentine to San Francisco's Musee Mecanique with archival footage from its original location at the Cliff House and voice over narration about its place in the landscape and psyche of the city.

Le Kiosk (11 mins)                      Jeff Jacoby
A love letter to Paris. Shot on location in Paris by Frank and Doris (Storm) Jacoby. The last movie made by Frank Jacoby, noted television and film pioneer. Sound by Jeff Jacoby.

I Am You And What I See is Me (4 mins)      
Tania Ku
Visual illustration of prose

...More Conversation (2 mins)     Scott Dietrich
With apologies to "The Conversation"

Reborning (8 mins)                    
Helen Hood Scheer, Yael Bridge
Artistic expression takes many forms — an artist creates incredibly life-like dolls.

A Woman Named Canyon Sam (11 mins)          
Quentin Lee
Winner of Panasonic Award for Best Asian Short Doc: portrait of award-winning author, performance artist. historian and Bernal resident — Canyon Sam.


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Thursday, 8/29
Opening Night
| Saturday, 8/31
A Look Back
| Sunday, 9/1 Closing Night

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