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San Francisco, Still Wild at Heart






When I Grow Up
When I Grow Up


Nut House
Last Day at the Nut House


Baby on Bus
Baby on Bus


Capoeira Clarion
Capoeira Clarion







Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema™

Saturday 8/31           4:00–6:30 pm
A Look Back: Favorite films from
past seasons

In collaboration with
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
2868 Mission Street
Films & Filmmakers' reception
Suggested $5 donation at the door

4:00 pm Films

6:00 pm Filmmaker and Audience reception

The Bubbleman (5 mins)       Karil Daniels
This Mission-district filmmaker showcases the
and unique soap bubble-artistry of Sterling Johnson.

Baby on Bus (1 min)             Amber Yada
A public service announcement on behalf of all parents and babies who take the bus, go to the library, or use any square inch of public space.

When I Grow Up (7 mins)     Michelle Meeker
The boundless ambition of youthful expectations are juxtaposed with the unpredictable, and sometimes tragic realities we end up living. We hear the words of children and Bernal Heights seniors artfully illustrated by an international team of 12 illustrators.

Sometimes My Feet Go Numb (5 mins)              
Lourdes Portillo
A visual 'poem' depicting a man with AIDS and his daily struggle with the disease, the medications, the loss of friends and his perseverance in going on.

AN INVITATION TO POETRY: Nick and the Candlestick (5 mins)
Emiko Omori
Sylvia Plath's poetry is inspiration for photographer Seph Rodney

The Loom (5 mins)                Scott Kravitz
Scott Kravitz, a professional animator, created a beautifully crafted story of an old woman whose weaving serves a higher purpose.

San Francisco, Still Wild at Heart (15 mins)       
Melissa Peabody
First previewed in 2004, this film became an instant hit with the locals as it featured the lone coyote of Bernal Hill. We see a 15-minute segment of Melissa's full-length documentary examining the phenomenon of wild life returning to the cities.

The Days and the Hours (8 mins)
John Haptas, Kristine Samuelson
These local documentary filmmakers offer a look at a weekday morning at St. Boniface Church in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, which opens its doors to homeless people, giving them a place to sleep for eight hours.

The Violin (7 mins)               Dean Mermel
The town sweeper has a secret life, a new talent, and a very strange lover. Violin features an original piano score. Dean Mermell is a long time Bernal Heights resident, an editor and filmmaker.

Barbie Nation: Barbie on the Street (segment) (6 mins)
Susan Stern
Generations of people are obsessed with Barbie, the world’s most popular toy. BARBIE NATION plumbs the phenomenon of the Barbie doll. In this BARBIE NATION special short Susan Stern reveals personal recollections of how Barbie has affected our lives as children and adults.

Last Day at the Nuthouse (7 mins)
Kathy Kensinger, Nathan Kensinger
After 37 years in the nut house, Jackie Helbert retired in 2009. The Kensingers documented this sad day for San Francisco.

Yolanda Trail (5 mins)          Matt Venuti
A tribute to Yolanda Bain (Matt’s wife who died in 2008) and her love of nature, her love of the musical instrument called the Hang, and her love of the trail that bears her name. Sweeping views of Mt. Tamalpais, Phoenix Lake, and the surrounding area are viewed from the trail accompanied by the music from “Hangisphere” played by Matt and his band, the Venusians.

Neurotique #4 (7 mins)        Nara Denning
A man seeks out a fortune teller and finds her in a wonderfully sinister back alley in San Francisco. This silent film set to evocative sounds exhibits a real gift for storytelling.

Elementos (4 mins)               Adrian Arias
In "Elements" we meet fire, earth, water and air through the motions of a dancer to express their essence.

Capoeira Clarion (5 mins)     Tomas Wischerath
A young man enters Clarion alley in the Mission district of San Francisco with bare feet and a berimbou, a musical instrument made of string and wood. An introduction and a showcase of Ignacio Maldonado, a local devoted practitioner and teacher of Capoeira.

Comedy, Romantic (7 mins)  Bucky Knaebel
A man and woman meet in a video store; he wants to ask her out, but first must overcome a significant obstacle — their opposing tastes in films.

Off-line (9 mins)                     Jeff Jacoby
A stop-motion animated film by Tom Gasek, sound design by Bernal resident, Jeff Jacoby, about a small, but feisty orange capacitor named “IZ” that lives on the circuit board of a microwave oven.


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Film Crawl on Cortland
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